YouTube – How to show liked videos on your public video channel


  • After 5 December 2019 “Liked videos” in YouTube are private by default.
  • YouTube provided an option to DISPLAY to other users – but so far it hasn’t worked.
  • CURRENT STATUS: YouTube have removed the option to DISPLAY liked videos to other users.

Check for any updates on the YouTube Help page My liked videos list suddenly private and can’t change it?



YouTube previously displayed a list of “Liked videos” on account video channels. In December 2019 it was changed to NOT display the list – but can be changed.

To SHOW liked videos to the public:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to ‘Manage what you share on YouTube’
  3. Under ‘Liked and subscriptions’
  4. Untick ‘Keep all my liked videos private’
  5. Liked videos will now appear in your profile video list – e.g.

HELP! The setting wont save

If the changed setting won’t save – try


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25 comments on “YouTube – How to show liked videos on your public video channel

  1. I go to uncheck the “keep all my liked videos private” and then after getting the notification “settings saved” it goes back to default when I refresh the page…
    What kind of b******t is this?

  2. bruhhhhh i cant changeee it goes back to default. big offf. why youtube had to deal with this liked videos thing in the first place i dont understand. i want to show my liked videos in my channel but youtube says no you dont because we want to make you mad for no reason

    1. Yeah mine’s stuck on private too. I go to uncheck the ‘keep all my liked videos private’ box and i get the notifications at the bottom saying saving settings and settings saved but upon refresh it has not actually registered as any change having taken place or being saved as there’s still a check mark where it should be unchecked.

    1. Mine, too. The change appeared recently, maybe past week. I don’t even have the option to edit the privacy for the “Liked videos” and it’s private by default.

    1. With ‘Keep all my subscriptions private’ enabled only the account can view what it has subscribed to. There are two messages YouTube uses to confirm this ‘If your subscriptions are private, they will not be posted to your activity feed.’ and ‘You don’t have any public subscriptions, so this will not appear on your
      channel. To add content, subscribe to a channel and make sure that your
      subscriptions aren’t set to private in your Privacy Settings.’ There doesn’t appear to be a way to have a public and private subscription list either, but if that’s something someone is aiming for I would suggest having separate accounts to separate the public and private activities.

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