IrfanView – Thumbnails not displaying in Windows Explorer


After installing IrfanView image thumbnails are not displayed in File Explorer (also known as My Computer, Computer or Windows Explorer).


  1. In the taskbar, type “control panel” and click on ‘Control Panel’ when it appears in the search results
  2. In the “Search Control Panel” box at the top right type “folder options”
  3. Click on ‘File Explorer Options’ when it appears in the window
  4. Open the ‘View’ tab
  5. Un-tick ‘Always show icons, never thumbnails’ 
  6. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes.
  7. Thumbnails will now be displayed in Windows Explorer.

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8 comments on “IrfanView – Thumbnails not displaying in Windows Explorer

  1. Worked for me. I just had to make sure for each folder I was viewing was set to display icons and not a list in the explorer view tab.

  2. I have this problem, and I’m a long time user of Irvanview. These steps do not fix this problem for my Windows 10 installations. Even with that option unticked, “icon” views in Windows Explorer continue to show just the Irfanview cat icon and not thumbnails of the pictures they represent.

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