Windows 7 – Shutdown message with countdown and cancel

With such a heavy emphasis being placed on ‘green IT’ system administrators are now being asked to have all the company workstations shutdown at a set time. This can be achieved through various means including purchasing specalised products, but without offering the end user the ability to cancel or pause the shutdown you run the risk of a user still being at the computer when the shutdown begins or someone loosing work.

These HTA scripts are free and can be used to give a customised warning to users before their computers are automatically shutdown.

Shutdown HTA script – version 1


This version of Shutdown HTA features

  • A large cancel button and a 60 second countdown before the shutdown begins.
  • Improved countdown – now runs smoothly, says ‘minutes’ if there are 2 or more minutes remaining, says ‘minute’ if one minute remaining, and only says ‘seconds’ if in the last 60 second count down. A special thanks to Dave (see comments below) for helping improve the countdown.
  • When ran the window is placed on top of all open windows
  • When the 60 second count down sarts the window is placed on top of all open windows
  • plays a system beep when the HTA is ran
  • plays a system beep during the last 60 seconds of the count down

How to customise this script

  • change ‘var mins = 2.1;’ to the amount of minutes the countdown is required for
  • Change ‘<p><img src=”” /></p>’  to point to your company logo, or delete
  • to remove the system beep, delete beep(); from line 131
  • to have the system RESTART (rather than shutdown) change ‘objSystem.Win32Shutdown 5’ to ‘objSystem.Win32Shutdown 6’

How to implement this script

Download using the link below.

Change ‘var mins = 2;’ for the amount of minutes you require the count down for.

Then run, or schedule when it needs to run using the Windows Task Scheduler (or your other third party application).

TIP: To implement this script you could have a copy on each workstation and have a local schedule call it, or you could create a server side script to psexec it on each workstation (calling the file from the server).


Need help adding the HTA application to a Windows 7 Scheduled Task? See: Windows 7 – Run Scheduled Task Interactively



To use this script simply download using the link below and save it with an HTA extension.
NOTE: Please note the HTML that calls an image (mb_textimagelogo_grey.png), this can be removed or changed to your company logo. I suggest you link it to an image which is available through http.


TIP: You may need to right-click and select ‘save link as’ to download this file.



Shutdown HTA script – version 2

Special thanks to Chris (see comments below) for this version of the shutdown HTA script.


This version does all above with the addition of being able to:

  • Delay for 24 hours
  • Delay for 15 minutes
  • Delay for 30 minutes
  • Delay for 60 minutes

As well as a different look and feel to the GUI.


Looking for or have an improvement?

Leave a comment below if you’re looking for or have an improvement.

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70 comments on “Windows 7 – Shutdown message with countdown and cancel

  1. Hello everyone

    I have a problem with counting down when it stops after counting down

    Line 453
    Draw 23
    Error The operation could not be performed because of an error 800a01f9

    I try myself but I can not solve it is there anyone who can help me.

  2. I’m looking at implementing this shutdown script, but when the countdown timer reaches 00 seconds I get the following error
    An error has occurred in the script on this page

    Line: 1
    Char: 1
    Error: Could not complete the operation due to error 800a01f9
    Code: 0
    URL: C:WindowsLocalShutdownShutdownWithDelay.hta

    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Somehow the screen doesn’t become on top of all.

    I’ve a planned task to activate it at a several time, but it doesn’t pop up when playing a game.

    Any idea to fix this?

  4. Hello
    I added this pice of code that deactivates atl+F4, so that the user cant close the app.

    function document.onkeydown(){
    var alt=window.event.altKey;
    if (event.keyCode==116 || event.keyCode==27 || alt && event.keyCode==115) {
    return false;

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