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How to search and filter the WordPress Plugins Directory

The WordPress Plugins Directory is the place to go for thousands of free plugins for WordPress.

But its large size also makes it hard to select the best plugins.

This is made worse by it not having a filter or sort options.

Here are some tips to help you work through the WordPress Plugins Directory.

These links offer a basic form of filtering – allows you to narrow down key areas.


This link lists the number of installs the plugin has.


New plugins

This link lists plugins recently added to the directory – up to two months ago.



This link can be used to filter by tags.

Note that tags are not always added by plugin authors and may not truly represent the plugin.

To use – replace ‘seo’ with the tag of your choosing.


Zepper Plugin Search is a third-party website that allows you to search and filter plugins.

The website takes a copy of the WordPress plugin directory once a day – and has added filter options:

  • Category
  • Rating
  • Number of installs
  • Last updated