• 4 things to do before writing a process map

    Having clearly documented processes helps build stronger communication and understanding in your organisation. Process maps are a great way to document the processes – but before you start there’s a few things to prepare. 1 – Define the objective Defining the objective helps you understand how detailed the process map […]
  • Six tips for creating a process map that works

    Process maps are a valuable tool in the workplace – they allows you to communicate, document and investigate a business process. But making a process map that works can be difficult. Below I’m going to share some tips for how I create process maps. 1. Define the beginning and end […]
  • Passwords for keeps – Microsoft removes password expiration Windows 10 security baseline

    Password expiration is a common practice in enterprise environments – requiring users to regularly change their passwords. This practice was sold as a security measure – however changing a password which is not compromised does not add any security – if anything it encourages to write down their for ever […]
  • 3 reasons to switch to DNS

    Earlier this year CloudFlare announced a new free public DNS service – DNS is at the heart of the internet – it’s the phone book of the internet, making the connection between the names we use to access websites and the IP addresses servers use. Normally people would use […]