• 5 ways to stay safe on public Wi-Fi

    Public Wi-Fi may seem like a convenient way to get free quick access to the Internet – but it comes with some risks. What’s wrong with public Wi-Fi? The risk with public Wi-Fi is not knowing, or being able to trust, the person running the network. Just like any other […]
  • The difference between Win + D and Win + M commands

    Experienced Windows users will know there’s two commands to minimise all windows Win + D (show desktop) Win + M (minimise) They may appear to be the same – but they are very slightly different. Here’s 3 ways Win + D (show desktop) and Win + M (minimise) are different. […]
  • 4 things to do before writing a process map

    Having clearly documented processes helps build stronger communication and understanding in your organisation. Process maps are a great way to document the processes – but before you start there’s a few things to prepare. 1 – Define the objective Defining the objective helps you understand how detailed the process map […]
  • Six tips for creating a process map that works

    Process maps are a valuable tool in the workplace – they allows you to communicate, document and investigate a business process. But making a process map that works can be difficult. Below I’m going to share some tips for how I create process maps. 1. Define the beginning and end […]