What’s new in Gravity Forms 2.2 Beta 1

This week the first beta of Gravity Forms 2.2 was announced, giving us a sneak peak of some awesome new features.

Being a beta release Gravity Forms 2.2 has not yet been released via automatic updates – however you can download it from the Gravity Forms website and manually install it in your test environment.

System Report page

A new ‘System Status’ menu item and page has been added which gives a quick and easy way to check the health of a Gravity Forms install.

‘Copy System Report’ button allows you to get a text copy of all the information for sending through to support staff.

Integrated logging

Previous to Gravity Forms 2.2 logging was done using the ‘Logging Add-On’ – this has now been rolled into core functionality.

Logging is disabled by default but can be enabled from the ‘Forms’ -> ‘Settings’ menu.

Once enabled logs can be accessed and configured in the ‘Forms’ -> ‘Logging’ menu.

Gravity Forms Core as well as any plugin that uses the addon framework will be listed.

Each plugin is logged by default and can be disabled individually.

You can also choose to log all messages or only error messages.

Logs are accessed from the ‘view log’ link – this link is publicly accessible (but obscured using a unique hash code) and can be shared with support staff.

Search forms

The forms page now has a search box to allow you to search through forms.

Searching is limited to the current filter – for example if  you’re in the “All” filter both active and inactive forms will be searched – but not trash.

“Safe” field deletion in form editor

Previously when a field was deleted in the form editor it will be automatically removed from the form – even if you don’t save the changes.

This approach was unsafe in that it had no way to undo a deleted field even when it breaks the form.

Gravity Forms 2.2 makes field deletion “safe” by only applying the changes when the form is saved.

Mobile friendly feed list

The feed list used by plugins got some styling fixes to make it mobile friendly.


The full official release on the Gravity Forms website: https://www.gravityhelp.com/gravity-forms-v2-2-beta-1-released/