How to automatically delete entries after a month

The following guide shows how to setup an automatic task that will delete entries older than one month.

This may be useful if you do not need to retain entries indefinately but like to ‘hold’ them for a short period of time – for example, a site registration form.

This example requires

and assumes you have already installed Entry Automation and setup a form.

Configuring Entry Automation to automatically delete entries

  1.  Open the forms settings then the ‘Entry Automation’ tab
  2. Click on the ‘Add New’ button
  3. For ‘Configuration Name’ enter a description for the task – for example “Delete entry data after one month”
  4. For ‘Automation Action’ click on ‘Delete Entries’
  5. For ‘Start Running Action’ either:
    1. click ‘Immediately’ or
    2. click ‘At a Specific Time’ and choose when the first delete task will run – note that this will also set the time that following tasks are ran. For example 3:00 am
  6. For ‘Run Action Every’ enter ‘1 months’
  7. For ‘Select date Range’ leave ‘From’ empty and set ‘To’ as ‘1 months’ (this says – delete everything older than one month)

The settings will look like