JAWS Windows XP Modifications

The following is a list of recommended changes which can be made to make Windows XP more accessible for visually impaired or blind users. This can be particularly helpful for people which are using a screen reader like JAWS.

Changes to the Start Menu

  1. Enabled ‘Classic Start menu’
  2. Disabled ‘Use Personalised Menus’

  3. Disabled ‘Hide inactive icons’

  4. Disabled ‘Group similar taskbar buttons’

Changes to Microsoft Word

  1. Disabled Reading Layout View

Changes to Microsoft Outlook

  1. Disabled ‘Navigation Pane’
  2. Disabled ‘Reading Pane’

Changes to Internet Explorer

  1. Automatic prompting for file downloads ‘enabled’

Changes to Windows Explorer

  1. Changed view to ‘details’
  2. Disabled ‘Show in Groups’ for icons

  3. Enabled Status bar

  4. Enabled ‘Use Windows classic folders’

  5. Disabled ‘Hide extensions for known file types’

  6. Changed Explorer search behaviour to ‘Advanced’