ZoomText Quick Reference Guide

ZoomText Magnifier Commands

Task Command
Enable ZoomText Alt + Insert
Disable ZoomText Alt + Delete
Increase Magnification Alt + Numpad Plus
Decrease Magnification Alt + Numpad Minus
Toggle Colour Scheme Ctrl + Shift + C
Toggle Pointer Scheme Ctrl + Shift + P
Toggle Cursor Scheme Ctrl + Shift + R
Toggle Focus Scheme Ctrl + Shift + O

ZoomText Speech Commands

Task Command
Toggle Speech Alt + Shift + S
Stop current speech Ctrl
Toggle App Reader Alt + Shift + A
Toggle Doc Reader Alt + Shift + D
App or Doc Reader – Stop Automatic Reading Enter
App or Doc Reader – Stop Automatic Reading Escape
Navigation – beginning of document Ctrl + Home
Navigation – Say previous / current / next word Left / Space / Right
Navigation – Say previous / next sentence Alt + Left / Alt + Right
Navigation – Say previous / next paragraph Alt + Up / Alt + Down
Enable Speak-it Tool Alt + Shift + I
Disable Speak-it Tool Escape
Say Window Title Ctrl + Alt + W
Say Current Time Ctrl + Alt + I
Say Current Date Ctrl + Alt + Y


To save the configuration for the next time ZoomText is used: use the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Save as Default’.

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