Install Cyberlink PowerDVD DX Silently using SCCM

The following process has been tested and confirmed working with CyberLink PowerDVD DX (as provided for Dell systems) and Configmgr / SCCM R2.

The installation will install PowerDVD Silently.

    1. Copy the full install folder to your working folder (or SCCM package source location)
    2. Using the command prompt, run setup.exe /r
    3. Run through the setup process selecting the options you would like with your software deployment.
    4. Once the installation has completed, navigate to your Windows directory (C:\Windows) and locate ‘setup.iss’
    5. Create a cmd file called “Install.cmd” and copy in the following information
@echo off
:: Installs required software
"%~dp0Setup.exe" /s /f1"%~dp0setup.iss"
REM Return exit code to SCCM
exit /B %EXIT_CODE%
  1. Copy the install folder, setup.iss and the cmd file to your software package share and create your SCCM package, using ‘install.cmd’ to run the installation.

For more information on creating SCCM packages see distribute software using SCCM.