Install Gantt Project 2.0.10 Silently

The following process has been tested and confirmed as working with Gantt Project (Version: 2.0.10) and SCCM R2.


It does the following tasks:

  • Silently install Gantt Project
  • Associate .mpp files with Gantt Project
  • Delete the desktop shortcut all all users
  1. Download the latest installer from
  2. Create a new file called ‘install.cmd’ and save the following information:
  3. @ECHO OFF
    "%~dp0ganttproject-2.0.10.exe" /S
    REM associate MS Project files with GanttProject
    %COMSPEC% /c assoc .mpp=GanttProject.MPP
    %COMSPEC% /c ftype GanttProject.MPP="%ProgramFiles%\GanttProject\ganttproject.exe" "%%1"
    REM move desktop shortcut to All Users desktop
    %COMSPEC% /c xcopy %userprofile%\desktop\GanttProject.lnk %public%\desktop /Y
    %COMSPEC% /c icacls %public%\desktop\GanttProject.lnk /inheritance:e
    %COMSPEC% /c del %userprofile%\desktop\GanttProject.lnk /F /Q
    REM Return exit code to SCCM
    exit /B %EXIT_CODE%
  4. Copy the installer file and install.cmd to your software package share
  5. You can now create your SCCM package or deploy the software by using install.cmd

Optional Step: Create an uninstall.cmd file

The following script can be used to silently un-install Gantt Project.

%COMSPEC% /c assoc .mpp=*
%COMSPEC% /c ftype GanttProject.MPP=*
"C:\Program Files\GanttProject\uninstall.exe" /S
%COMSPEC% /c del %public%\desktop\GanttProject.lnk /F /Q

For more information on creating SCCM packages see distribute software using SCCM.