Blackberry permissions for Exchange 2007

After installing and configuring the Blackberry Enterprise Server application you will need to run the following Exchange 2007 PowerShell commands to grant the Blackberry service account (besadmin) access to the Exchange mailboxes.

Granting access for a single mailbox

In this example we are giving the besadmin account the access required to handle the email for the joe.bloggs@domain mailbox-

[PS] C:\ >Add-MailboxPermission joe.bloggs@domain –user domain\besadmin –AccessRights FullAccess
[PS] C:\ >Add-ADPermission joe.bloggs@domain –user domain\besadmin -ExtendedRights Send-As, Receive-As

Granting access to all mailboxes

This command will allow the besadmin account to access ALL mailboxes on the Exchange server-

[PS] C:\ >Get-MailboxServer | Add-ADPermission -User
domain\besadmin -AccessRights GenericRead, GenericWrite -ExtendedRights
Send-As, Receive-As, ms-Exch-Store-Admin