[SOLVED] Exchange 2010 – Management Tools wont uninstall


When attempting to uninstall the Exchange 2010 Management Tools you receive an error message which says:

Some controls aren't valid. Please specify an existing server role(s) to uninstall.

At the same time, the roles are greyed out and unable to be selected.



To work around this issue and be able to uninstall the Exchange 2010 Management Tools you will need to use the command line.

  1. Run the Command Prompt as ‘Administrator’
  2. Exchange2010-MTWontUninstall2
  3. Navigate to your Exchange 2010 install path, for example C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin
  4. Run this command setup.com /mode:uninstall /role:MT
  5. Exchange2010-MTWontUninstall3
  6. The uninstall process will begin to automatically uninstall each of the Management Tools components.
  7. When complete you will see ‘The Microsoft Exchange Server setup operation completed successfully’.
  8. Exchange2010-MTWontUninstall4

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8 comments on “[SOLVED] Exchange 2010 – Management Tools wont uninstall

  1. What a stupid workaround. you only need to uncheck the checkbox & then hit next…. I must confess it’s not obvious but seriously 😛

    1. go and try it, there are many Exchange admins with this problem, unchecking the box generates an AuthorizationManager Check Failed error and will not uninstall Exchange, she has historically been a difficult girl to uninstall, that’s why we are here searching for a solution

    2. the stated solution worked great for me, if you think it’s stupid don’t use it and don’t bash those trying to help people!

    3. Totally agree. I tried the uncheck/recheck thing, and it just gave me the same message. This worked for me right out of the gate and saved me a lot of head banging.

      As momma always said, “If you can’t say something nice…”

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