How to delete all your Facebook messages

Facebook currently doesn’t offer the option to delete or remove all your Facebook messages at once. Fortunately we’ve made a solution to this – an app which will automatically delete (or empty) your Facebook messages automatically!

The following instructions detail how to install the app and then how to launch it.

Please Note: cannot be held liable for any data loss caused using this script (deleting messages etc). Use at YOUR OWN risk.


Step 1: Install App to Bookmark (or Favourites)

  1. Right click on the ‘Launch Clear My FB Message App’ button below and select ‘Bookmark This Link’ (or ‘Add to favourites’ for Internet Explorer)
  2. facebook-delmess1
  3. Launch Clear My FB Messages App

Step 2: Open your Facebook messages page

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the messages icon
  3. Then select ‘See all messages’
  4. facebook-delmess2


Step 3: Launch Clean My Wall App

  1. Open the Bookmark saved earlier (or Favourite for Internet Explorer)
  2. facebook-delmess3
  3. Click ‘Go’ to begin the deletion process
  4. facebook-delmess4
  5. At the ‘Be careful, it will erase your Facebook messages. Do you want to continue?’ prompt, click ‘OK’
  6. The app will begin deleting your Facebook messages. This usually only takes a few seconds.
  7. The App will say ‘Cleaning Finished’ when completed.
  8. facebook-delmess5