Using Gravity Forms ‘gform_editor_js_set_default_values’ PHP action

The gform_editor_js_set_default_values action hook is used to inject JavaScript into the SetDefaultValues() function on the form editor page, allowing you to define default field properties when creating new field types.


add_action('gform_editor_js_set_default_values', 'set_defaults');



More information

See Gravity Forms Docs: gform_editor_js_set_default_values


Change default label for a new field type

This example adds a new field type with a custom default label.

add_filter('gform_add_field_buttons', 'add_new_field');

function add_new_field($field_groups) { // Adds a new field to the end of the standard fields list $field_groups[0]['fields'][] = array("class" => "button", "value" => 'My Field', "onclick" => "StartAddField('my_field_type');"); return $field_groups; }

add_action('gform_editor_js_set_default_values', 'set_defaults');

function set_defaults() { ?> // This hook is fired in the middle of a switch statement, // so we need to add a case for our new field type case "my_field_type": field.label = "My Default Field Label"; // Setting the default field label break; <?php }