Using Gravity Forms ‘gform_post_status_options’ PHP filter

The gform_post_status_options filter allows you to modify the available post statuses in the post status dropdown on the Properties tab of post fields.


add_filter('gform_post_status_options', 'your_function_name');


  • $post_status_options (array): Array containing the statuses of Draft, Pending Review, and Published.

More information

See Gravity Forms Docs: gform_post_status_options


Add a new status

This example adds a custom status to the dropdown.

add_filter('gform_post_status_options', 'add_custom_post_status');

function add_custom_post_status($post_status_options) {
    $post_status_options['custom_status'] = 'My Custom Status';
    return $post_status_options;

Remove a status

This example removes Draft as a selectable choice in the dropdown.

add_filter('gform_post_status_options', 'remove_draft_status');

function remove_draft_status($post_status_options) {
    return $post_status_options;

Add multiple custom statuses

This example adds multiple custom statuses to the dropdown.

add_filter('gform_post_status_options', 'add_multiple_custom_statuses');

function add_multiple_custom_statuses($post_status_options) {
    $post_status_options['custom_status1'] = 'Custom Status 1';
    $post_status_options['custom_status2'] = 'Custom Status 2';
    return $post_status_options;

Rename an existing status

This example renames the “Published” status to “Live”.

add_filter('gform_post_status_options', 'rename_published_status');

function rename_published_status($post_status_options) {
    $post_status_options['publish'] = 'Live';
    return $post_status_options;

Replace default statuses with custom statuses

This example replaces the default statuses with custom statuses.

add_filter('gform_post_status_options', 'replace_default_statuses');

function replace_default_statuses($post_status_options) {
    $new_statuses = array(
        'custom_status1' => 'Custom Status 1',
        'custom_status2' => 'Custom Status 2'
    return $new_statuses;

Note: The code should be placed in the functions.php file of your active theme.