[SOLVED] HTC Phone – Speakerphone automatically on for all calls


When making or receiving calls the speaker automatically turns on. It can be turns off by pressing the speakerphone button but is always turned on when answering and making calls.

Applies to: HTC and other android based phones (such as Samsung Galaxy)


This issue can occur for a number of reasons. The following is a list of things to try, working towards a solution.

First you need to determine if it is a hardware or software issue.


Even if the phone is in-warranty you will be responsible to fix the problem if it is a software issue – software issues are not covered by standard warranty agreements.

Potential software fixes:

  • Restart the phone
  • Shutdown the phone, remove the battery, press the power button to discharge the phone. Install the battery again and turn the phone back on as normal.
  • Open the ‘All apps’ menu, open ‘Dock Mode’ press the phones menu button and select ‘Settings’. Un-tick the ‘Auto-launch’ option.
  • Open the phones settings menu. Open ‘Display’ and click on ‘G-Sensor calibration’. Follow the prompts to calibrate the sensor.
  • Open the phones settings menu. Open ‘Sound’. Un-tick ‘Flip for speaker’.
  • Have you installed any new software or software updates recently? Uninstall the software and check if the issue still exists.
  • Clear the application cache for the car application.
  • Install Car Dock Settings from the android store. Using the application un-tick the ‘Enable speaker phone’ option.


This step will wipe your phone, remove all settings, installed applications and photos saved to the phone!

  • Do a factory reset, confirming that it is a hardware issue. Open the phones settings menu. Open ‘Storage’, select ‘Factory data reset’ and follow the prompts.


If you have got to this stage it is fairly certain that your phone has a hardware issue. If your phone is in-warranty you should contact your place of purchase or phone manufacturer.

Potential hardware fixes:

Many people have claimed that their issues stem from a dirty or faulty phone USB port. That when these ports are blocked the pins can short, making the phone believe it is connected to a docking station.

Remove your phones battery. Get a clean drinking straw and using scissors cut a pointed end.


Using the straw, carefully scrape the USB micro B port on the port – cleaning away the lint and dirt that has built up. If you phone is more than a few months old you will find several pieces of lint come out in clumps.

Using a folded piece of paper, wipe the USB pins inside of the port. You will see the white paper turns grey as it cleans.

Optional: WITH EXTREME CARE use an unfolded paperclip to scratch the bottom of the USB port – this will ensure no lint remains.

Then carefully puff a little air into the port to make sure all loose lint has been removed. (Caution – compressed air releases small amounts of condensed liquid – if you use compressed air allow the liquid to evaporate!)

Re-assemble the phone.