[SOLVED] Joomla 2.5 – RSS feed empty


By default Joomla 2.5 has the capacity to provide RSS feeds of content. It does this using list layouts (for example a blog category list) as the RSS feed source. The feeds can be accessed by adding /?format=feed&type=rss to the end of the source page link, for example www.itsupportguides.com/?format=feed&type=rss.

The problem is when attempting to view the RSS feed it loads but has no content.



 In my experience this can happen due to two reasons.

1 – The feed has no articles to display

Remove the /?format=feed&type=rss from the link to open the page – if no articles are displayed then the RSS feed has nothing to display.

You will need to update your menu item and/or categories to make the source page display the desired articles – only then the RSS feed will work.

2 – One of the article titles has a non-ASCII character

RSS feeds do not ‘play nice’ with non-ASCII characters.

To find the article which is causing the issue change your article source page to include a smaller number or articles – when it starts working again slowly introduce other categories until it breaks. This process should allow you to find to article which is causing the issue. You will need to remove the non-ASCII characters from the article title or exclude the article from the RSS feed.