PowerPoint 2010 – Remove all notes at once

Here’s a helpful instruction for removing all notes from PowerPoint file in one quick process.

This could be helpful if you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for general distribution or need to present it publically without the risk of presenting confidential information included in the notes.

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation file – you may want to save a second copy, one with notes and one without
  2. Click on the ‘File’ menu then click on ‘Info’
  3. Under ‘Prepare for Sharing’ click on ‘Check for Issues’
  4. From the list click on ‘Inspect Document’
  5. The Document Inspector window will open, ensure that ‘Presentation Notes’ is ticked (you may untick the other options or leave as is) then click ‘Inspect’
  6. Under ‘Presentation Notes’ click on the ‘Remove All’ button
  7. Presentation Notes will now read “All presentation notes were removed”.
  8. You may now close the window using the ‘Close’ button

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