PowerPoint 2010 – Remove all notes at once

Here’s a helpful instruction for removing all notes from PowerPoint file in one quick process.

This could be helpful if you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for general distribution or need to present it publically without the risk of presenting confidential information included in the notes.

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation file – you may want to save a second copy, one with notes and one without
  2. Click on the ‘File’ menu then click on ‘Info’
  3. PowerPoint2010-RemoveNotes1
  4. Under ‘Prepare for Sharing’ click on ‘Check for Issues’
  5. From the list click on ‘Inspect Document’
  6. PowerPoint2010-RemoveNotes2
  7. The Document Inspector window will open, ensure that ‘Presentation Notes’ is ticked (you may untick the other options or leave as is) then click ‘Inspect’
  8. PowerPoint2010-RemoveNotes3
  9. Under ‘Presentation Notes’ click on the ‘Remove All’ button
  10. PowerPoint2010-RemoveNotes4
  11. Presentation Notes will now read “All presentation notes were removed”.
  12. You may now close the window using the ‘Close’ button