Word 2010 – Automatically Format Currency Mail Merge Fields

When using Word 2010 to create mail merges you can customise fields to automatically format the text or numbers as required.

In this example we will be customising a merge field which contains numbers. The customisation will change the formatting to automatically include a dollar sign and have a space at the thousand mark, for example 1000 becomes $1 000.

  1. Create or open your mail merge document
  2. MSWord2010-CurrencyFormat1
  3. In this example <<Approved_Amount>> is is the current field, however after completing the mail merge it appears without the required formatting (as below)
  4. MSWord2010-CurrencyFormat2
  5. On the mail merge template, right click on the currency merge field (<<Approved_Amount>>)
  6. Select ‘Edit Field’
  7. MSWord2010-CurrencyFormat3
  8. Click on the ‘Field Codes’ button at the bottom left of the window
  9. MSWord2010-CurrencyFormat4
  10. Copy and paste the following code at the END of the ‘Field codes’ text box
  11. # "$# ##0.00" * MERGEFORMAT
  12. MSWord2010-CurrencyFormat5
  13. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes
  14. Now when ever you complete the mail merge, this field will automatically have the correct currency formatting.
  15. MSWord2010-CurrencyFormat6