Word 2010 – How to Use AutoText

AutoText is a feature in Word 2010 which allows you to quickly insert predefined text, objects or pictures by simply typing a single keyword.

Create a new ‘building block’

  1. Using Word, enter in the text you would like to ‘autotext’
  2. MSWord-AutoText1
  3. Select the text and press Alt and F3
  4. Change the ‘Name’ to the keyword for the autotext and click ‘OK’
  5. MSWord-AutoText2
  6. Now when you start typing the autotext name (e.g. Example1) you will be prompted to press enter to insert the ‘building block’
  7. MSWord-AutoText3

Update an existing ‘building block’

  1. Insert the building block autotext
  2. Make the changes as required
  3. Select the text and press Alt and F3
  4. MSWord-AutoText4
  5. Enter the same ‘Name’ of the existing building block
  6. Word will ask if you want to overwrite, click ‘Yes’ to save the changes
  7. MSWord-AutoText5

Delete an existing ‘building block’

  1. Select the ‘Insert’ ribbon
  2. MSWord-AutoText6
  3. Select ‘Quick Parts’ then ‘Building Blocks Organizer’
  4. MSWord-AutoText7
  5. Select the name of the building block then press ‘Delete’