Access 2013 – How to auto-increment table primary key

When creating a table in Microsoft Access it is important that the table is correctly setup with a primary key that auto-increments.

Without this the table will be difficult to input and output data.


  • Only one field in a table can be the primary key and/or auto-increment.
  • This will typically be the first field in the table and will be used to identify the row records.
  • You cannot set a field to ‘AutoNumber’ if the table already has data – you will need to either create a new table or delete the existing data from the table before changing a field to ‘AutoNumber’.

To do this,

  1. Create or edit an existing table.
  2. Right-click on the field and choose ‘Primary Key’
  3. Access-AutoIncrementTable1
  4. And set the ‘Data Type’ to AutoNumber’
  5. Access-AutoIncrementTable2