Outlook/Word 2013 – How to disable Reading View for read-only Word documents

One of the more annoying ‘features’ of Word 2013 is ‘Reading View’ – where any document you open that is read-only displays enlarged and with the majority of formatting completely removed.

This is typically noticed when opening Word documents which have been attached to an email.


The steps below detail how to disable the ‘Reading View’.

  1. With Word 2013 open, select the ‘FILE’ menu then click on ‘Options’ on the left hand menu
  2. MSOutlook2013-DisableReadingView2
  3. Under ‘General’ un-tick the ‘Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view’
  4. MSOutlook2013-DisableReadingView3
  5. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes
  6. Read-only documents will now display in the standard view, complete with all their original formatting.
  7. MSOutlook2013-DisableReadingView4

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8 comments on “Outlook/Word 2013 – How to disable Reading View for read-only Word documents

  1. This does not work for me… anyone else experiencing this? I unchecked the box and these documents are still opening in read mode. What am I missing here?

    1. YES, sean sormanti, it does not work at all on my Windows 10. But J.T., the heading on this article here is about “Reading View for read-only Word documents”, which are two separate modes. I’ve already disabled the damnable “Read Only” mode, but how do I disable the mode that opens my Windows 10 Word documents in “Reading View”? And which of these different modes are you saying is unchangeable?

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