Excel 2016 – How to edit worksheet header/footer

The following steps show how to edit a worksheet header/footer in Microsoft Excel.

  1. With the Excel document open, click on ‘View’ in the ribbon
  2. In the ‘Workbook Views’ group click on ‘Page Layout’
  3. The Excel document will now be displayed on a virtual page – with a header and footer
  4. To edit the header/footer – click on ‘Add header’
  5. You can now add text and formatting to the header
  6. If you want to add “smart” parts such as the date, page number or file path – click on ‘Header & Footer Tools’ at the top of the window
  7. These are found in the ‘Header & Footer Elements’ group
  8. To return to the normal view – click on the ‘View’ ribbon, in the ‘Workbook Views’ group click on ‘Normal’



Reference: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/headers-and-footers-in-a-worksheet-cae2a88c-64a7-42ab-96a4-28d2fc16ad31

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