Office 365 – How to disable inbox ‘Other’ folder

By default the Outlook web app in Office 365 has an ‘Other’ folder.

This is similar to the Gmail’s category tabs – where emails are automatically categorised and shown in either the mail ‘Focused’ or ‘Other’ folder.

This can cause issues with some emails not being noticed because they’ve essentially been hidden in the ‘Other’ folder.

To disable the ‘Other’ folder in the Outlook web app (Office 365):

  1. Open the mailbox in the Outlook web app
  2. Click on the cog icon at the top right of the page
  3. Toggle ‘Focused Inbox’ to the off position
  4. All emails (except for ones directed to the Junk Email folder) will now be shown in the ‘Inbox’


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2 comments on “Office 365 – How to disable inbox ‘Other’ folder

  1. If you’re using Outlook 365 Desktop subscription (v 2205) then it’s in a different place. Look at the sorting dropdown at the top of the list of emails on the left. All the way at the bottom is the “Show Focused Inbox” option.

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