How to see download speed in Google Chrome

When files are downloaded in Google Chrome they very briefly flash up on the screen and then appear in a ‘download bar’ at the bottom of the window.

When Google Chrome was released this functionality stirred some feedback, some changes did happen to improve how it works but the usability of the ‘download bar’ remains controversial – by keeping to the minimal design they’re reducing a lot of useful information like when a download has started, how quick it is downloading and an estimated completion time.

There are third-party extensions available that I’m sure fill the gap, but if you’re not keen on using extensions you can hit Ctrl to view the downloads tab.

Here you’ll see all current and previous downloads – including the speed (seen below as 2.4 MB/s).

Whilst it may not be as good as what other browsers, such as Firefox, offer – it’s still better than the “minimally useful” download bar.


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