How to change file and folder permissions using cPanel

The steps below show how to change file and folder permissions using the file manager built into cPanel.

  1.  Log into the cPanel for your website. The address is usually, and the username and password would have been provided by your host when you first joined.
  2. Under ‘Files’ click on ‘File Manager’
  3. cPanel-FilePermissions1
  4. If you see the ‘Directory Selection’ window, choose the option that best suits the location of the files or folders you want to access – ‘Web Root’ will give you the directory where you website is hosted.
  5. Browse to the file or folder you want to change the permissions of.
  6. Right click and choose ‘Change Permissions’
  7. cPanel-FilePermissions2
  8. In the window selec the permissions that you want to set the file or folder to – 7-7-5 would be the typical default permission and would allow the server and FTP users full access to the file/folder and read and run for public users.
  9. cPanel-FilePermissions3
  10. Click ‘Change Permissions’ to confirm the changes.