How to use a Non-Breaking Space in Campaign Monitor

A non-breaking space allows you to add a space between two words that prevents an automatic line break (line wrap) at its position.

They’re commonly used where amounts, such as dollars are separated using a space or when typing a brand name.

When using Microsoft Word it’s as easy as typing Ctrl + Shift + Space – but it’s not at easy in an HTML WYSIWYG editor such as in Campaign Monitor. The steps below detail how to insert a non-breaking space into Campaign Monitor content.

  1. With the editor open, open the edit window for the text box
  2. Click on the <> Source button
  3. CampaignMonitor-nbsp1
  4. Locate where you need the non-breaking space, it’ll be harder to read since it’s the source code – not the formatted text.
  5. Once you’ve located the place, remove the normal space and add the following code
  6.  &nbsp;
  8. CampaignMonitor-nbsp2
  9. AFTER
  10. CampaignMonitor-nbsp3
  11. Now click <> Source to change back to the formatted view
  12. CampaignMonitor-nbsp4
  13. And click Save Changes