PS3 Media Server – how to disable subtitles

By default PS3 Media Server will display subtitles that are embedded in a video or sitting beside the file (e.g. a SRT file with the same name as the video file).

The steps below show how to disable this, so that the subtitles are not displayed with the streamed video.

Note: this does not apply to hard-coded subtitles – that is, subtitles that are a part of the video. Hard-coded subtitles cannot be removed from a file.

  1. With PS3 Media Server open, click on the ‘Transcoding Settings’ tab
  2. From the ‘Common Transcode Settings’ screen
  3. Place a tick next to ‘Disable subitles’
  4. PS3MediaServer-DisableSubtitles1
  5. Save and restart the server to complete the process.