Restore Blackberry Phone to factory defaults

The following process details how to restore a Blackberry to factory defaults.

The instructions are based on a Blackberry 8320, however the steps should still apply to other models.

Please Note: After wiping the phone you will need to configure it again. Stored images, SMS’s and configuration will be lost. Additional applications should remain installed.

  1. From the main menu, press the Blackberry button on the phone keypad
  2. Select ‘Options’ (Picture of a spanner)
  3. Blackberry-StopSync2
  4. Select ‘Security Options’
  5. Blackberry-StopSync3
  6. Select ‘General Settings’
  7. Blackberry-StopSync4
  8. Click on the Blackberry button on the phone keypad
  9. Select ‘Wipe handheld’
  10. Blackberry-StopSync5
  11. Select ‘Continue’
  12. Type in the word ‘blackberry’ to confirm and start the wipe process
  13. Blackberry-StopSync6