PHP Script / Javascript – Detect and run by Country

When faced with the challenge of including a javascript only for Internet connections from the US I discovered that javascript is unable to detect IP addresses (and as a consequence the location of the user).

As a work around you can use the GEO plugin to detect the Country, and if it meets the criteria include the javascript.

This is done using Geo Plugin (, PHP and your javascript.


The example below detects the REMOTE ADDRESS and if it is from the US includes to SOPA redirect javascript code.

(Yes – I only intend to blackout MOCKBOX.NET for US Internet sources – this is your problem and I do not intend on inflicting punishment on other users)

To use, simply copy into the header of your valid PHP parse file (template HTML file).


$geoplugin = unserialize( file_get_contents(‘’ . $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]) );

if ( is_numeric($geoplugin[‘geoplugin_latitude’]) && is_numeric($geoplugin[‘geoplugin_longitude’]) ) {

    $lat = $geoplugin[‘geoplugin_latitude’];
    $long = $geoplugin[‘geoplugin_longitude’];

if ($geoplugin[‘geoplugin_countryCode’] == ‘US’) {

echo ‘<script>var a=new Date;if(18==a.getDate()&&0==a.getMonth()&&2012==a.getFullYear())window.location=””;</script>’;                                                                       }