How to Run a Python Script for Each Folder in a Directory Using Windows CMD

The following guide shows how to use Windows CMD to run a Python script for each folder in a directory.

What You’ll Need

  • Windows OS with Command Prompt
  • Python installed
  • A Python script you want to run (for this example,


1. Open Command Prompt

First, open the Command Prompt by searching for cmd in the Windows search bar and selecting the Command Prompt app.

2. Navigate to the Script Location

Navigate to the folder where your Python script is located using the cd command. For example:

cd C:\path\to\your\script

3. Run the One-Liner Command

Now, execute the following command:

for /d %i in ("C:\TEMP\*") do python "%i"

Understanding the Command

  • for /d %i in ("C:\TEMP\*"): This part iterates over each folder in the C:\TEMP directory.
  • /d: Loop only through directories.
  • %i: Holds the name of the current folder.
  • do python "%i": This part runs the Python script, passing the folder name as an argument.
  • "%i": Safely passes the folder name, accommodating for any spaces in the names.

Note: If you’re putting this command in a batch file, use %%i instead of %i.