Windows 10 – Fix email links opening Google Chrome (change to Outlook)


When email links are clicked, the Google Chrome browser opens – showing the home page.

Outlook or any other email client does not open.


To fix, you need to change the mail handler in Windows 10.

In this example we’ll be changing email links to open Outlook.

  1. Click on the Windows start button (bottom left of your screen)
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ cog
  3. Click on ‘Apps’
  4. Open ‘Default apps’
  5. Under ‘Email’ click on the icon and select ‘Outlook (desktop)’
  6. Email links (mailto links) will now open a new message in Outlook.

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One comment on “Windows 10 – Fix email links opening Google Chrome (change to Outlook)

  1. What is causing this to occur? I have customers who are having this problem, but most have no issues where Outlook is launched, not Google Chrome. The customers with this problem have not altered the email setting to switch from Outlook to Google so something is happening behind the scenes to cause this. What is it?

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