Windows 10 – How to change clock to 24 hour format

The steps below show how to change the Windows 10 clock to 24-hour format.

How to change Windows 10 time to 24-hour format

    1. Right-click on the clock at the bottom right of your screen then click on ‘Adjust date/time’
    2. In the right side of the window, click on ‘Date, time, & regional formatting’
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of ‘Regional format data’
    4. Click on ‘Change data formats’
    5. Under ‘Short time’ select ‘9:40’
    6. Close the window
    7. Your time will now be in 24-hour format

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50 comments on “Windows 10 – How to change clock to 24 hour format

  1. M$ does such a wonderful job of hiding the most important settings behind 20 thousand clicks and hidden windows… and often using gibberish like “9:40”. Why not use a time where it’s obvious that you are talking 24h time format, like 21:40???

  2. Thank You. The screen shot choices looked a little different by 2020-02-28, but I figured out that clicking on “Short Date” and choosing the one without AM or PM gave me 24 hour time.

  3. This was the Best

    I always had so much hard time finding the right way to do this and end up no luck
    Until today i found this 3 second fix

    Many thanks

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