Windows 10 – How to Reset Bitlocker Recovery Key

The following steps detail how to change a Bitlocker recovery key in Windows 10.

This process does not decrypt the data on the hard drive – saving you A LOT of time.


NOTE: These instructions assume the BitLocker protected drive is the C:\ drive

  1. In the taskbar, search for ‘Command Prompt’
  2. When it appears, right-click on it and select ‘Run as administrator’
  3. Run the following command:
  4.  manage-bde C: -protectors -get -type RecoveryPassword
  5. Locate the protector you want to change (probably the only one displayed) and copy its ID field (including the curly braces)
  6. TIP: to copy you can select the text with your mouse then right-click to copy
  7. Run the following command, including the ID you copied in the previous step
  8. manage-bde C: -protectors -delete -id [paste the ID you copied here]
  9. The old recovery key has now been removed, you now need to create a new one
  10. Run the following command (leave last section blank to automatically generate a new key)
  11. manage-bde C: -protectors -add -rp [optionally specify the new 48-digit password or enter nothing to have it randomly generated for you]

And you’re done! You’ve changed your recovery password.

Remember to save it somewhere safe!

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