Windows 10 – How to set what happens when laptop lid closed

The following steps detail how to change what happens when a laptop lid is closed.

This is normally handled as a ‘sleep button’ action, and by default will tell the computer to sleep, however this can be changed to:

  • Do nothing
  • Sleep (default)
  • Hibernate
  • Shut down
  • Turn off the display
  1. In the Windows search box enter ‘Power Options’ and click on it when it appears in the list.
  2. Windows10-SetWhatHappensWhenPowerButtonPressed1
  3. On the left of the window, click on the ‘Choose what power buttons do’ link
  4. Windows10-SetWhatHappensWhenLidClosed2
  5. Under ‘When I press the sleep button’ choose the option you want to change it to.
  6. Windows10-SetWhatHappensWhenLidClosed3
  7. Click ‘Save changes’ to save the changes.