How to change Local by Flywheel upload limit

By default the file upload limit when using Local by Flywheel is 300 MB.

The steps below show how to increase this to 512 MB.


  • The process requires you to set the site environment to ‘custom’ – as a consequence it will not be able to sync with Flywheel’s online hosting.
  • These instructions were done using Windows 10 – the process will differ for Mac OS
    1. Open Local
    2. Select your site
    3. In the right hand pane, for ‘Local Environment’ click ‘Change’
    4. Select ‘Custom’ and click ‘save changes’
    5. A message will appear. You may choose to clone the site (recommended if it contains important information)
    6. Click ‘Change environment’
    7. Now it’s a custom environment you can customise the server – including upload limits
    8. Note: the upload limit for custom environments is 1000 MB – if this is OK you can stop here.
    9. Click on the arrow next to the folder path
    10. Browse to conf -> php -> 7.0.3 (this number may be different, depending on which version of PHP you’re using)
    11. In this folder you’ll find the ‘php.ini’ file
    12. Edit the file with your favourite text editor (I highly recommend Notepad++
    13. There are two lines you need to change:
      1. upload_max_filesize
      2. post_max_size
    14. Change these two settings to your desired size, e.g. 512M
    15. Save the changes
    16. Now return back to the Local application
    17. Select the site
    18. Stop and then start the site
    19. The upload limit will now be 512 MB