Using WordPress ‘blog_privacy_selector’ PHP action

The blog_privacy_selector WordPress PHP action enables the legacy ‘Site visibility’ privacy options and allows for customization of the site visibility settings.


add_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'your_custom_function');
function your_custom_function() {
    // your custom code here


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More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: blog_privacy_selector


Replacing the default checkbox with radio buttons

Add radio buttons to the site visibility options and remove the default checkbox.

add_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'replace_default_checkbox');
function replace_default_checkbox() {
    // Remove default checkbox
    remove_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'wp_discourage_search_engines');

    // Add custom radio buttons
    // your custom code here

Add a custom site visibility option

Add a custom radio button option to the site visibility settings.

add_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'add_custom_visibility_option');
function add_custom_visibility_option() {
    // Add custom radio button option
    // your custom code here

Change the ‘Search engine visibility’ heading

Modify the ‘Search engine visibility’ heading to ‘Site visibility’.

add_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'change_heading');
function change_heading() {
    // Change the heading
    // your custom code here

Hide site from specific search engines

Create an option to hide the site from specific search engines.

add_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'hide_from_specific_search_engines');
function hide_from_specific_search_engines() {
    // Add option to hide from specific search engines
    // your custom code here

Disable the default ‘discourage search engines’ option

Remove the default ‘discourage search engines’ option from site visibility settings.

add_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'disable_discourage_search_engines');
function disable_discourage_search_engines() {
    // Remove the default option
    remove_action('blog_privacy_selector', 'wp_discourage_search_engines');