Using WordPress ‘cancel_comment_reply_link()’ PHP function

The cancel_comment_reply_link() WordPress PHP function displays HTML content for a cancel comment reply link.


This function can be used to display a custom message for the cancel reply link in the comments section. If no text is provided, it defaults to ‘Click here to cancel reply’.

cancel_comment_reply_link('Custom Cancel Message');


  • $text (string, optional): Text to display for cancel reply link. If empty, defaults to ‘Click here to cancel reply’. Default is an empty string.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: cancel_comment_reply_link()


Display Default Message

If you don’t provide any text, the function will display the default message ‘Click here to cancel reply’.


Display Custom Message

You can display a custom message by passing it as a parameter.

cancel_comment_reply_link('Stop the Reply!');

Use with Translation Function

If you are building a site in multiple languages, you can use the translation function to display the message in the user’s language.

cancel_comment_reply_link( __( 'Cancel Reply', 'textdomain' ) );

Display Message with HTML Tags

You can also use HTML tags in your message.

cancel_comment_reply_link('<strong>Do Not Reply</strong>');

Use Variable as Message

You can use a variable as your custom message. This allows you to change the message dynamically.

$message = 'Back Out Now';