Using WordPress ‘get_block_theme_folders()’ PHP function

The get_block_theme_folders() WordPress PHP function ensures backward compatibility by properly falling back to block-templates or block-template-parts folders when needed.


Here’s a generic example showing how to use the function:

$block_theme_folders = get_block_theme_folders($theme_stylesheet);

Custom example:

$block_theme_folders = get_block_theme_folders('my-custom-theme');


  • $theme_stylesheet (string) (Optional) The stylesheet used for the theme. Default is to leverage the main theme root. Default: null

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: get_block_theme_folders()


Getting block theme folders for the active theme

This example retrieves the block theme folders for the currently active theme:

$active_theme = wp_get_theme();
$block_theme_folders = get_block_theme_folders($active_theme->get_stylesheet());

Using the function in a plugin

This example shows how to use the function within a plugin to retrieve the block theme folders:

function my_plugin_get_block_theme_folders() {
  $theme_stylesheet = 'my-plugin-theme';
  return get_block_theme_folders($theme_stylesheet);

Customizing block theme folder paths

This example demonstrates customizing the block theme folder paths by filtering the output of the function:

function my_custom_block_theme_folders($folders) {
  array_push($folders, 'my-custom-folder');
  return $folders;
add_filter('block_theme_folders', 'my_custom_block_theme_folders');

Printing block theme folders

This example prints the block theme folders to the browser:

$block_theme_folders = get_block_theme_folders();
echo 'Block theme folders: ' . implode(', ', $block_theme_folders);

Verifying if a specific folder exists

This example checks if a specific folder (e.g., ‘block-templates’) exists within the block theme folders:

$block_theme_folders = get_block_theme_folders();
$specific_folder = 'block-templates';

if (in_array($specific_folder, $block_theme_folders)) {
  echo "The '{$specific_folder}' folder exists.";
} else {
  echo "The '{$specific_folder}' folder does not exist.";