Using WordPress ‘get_num_queries()’ PHP function

The get_num_queries() WordPress PHP function retrieves the number of database queries during the WordPress execution.


$num_queries = get_num_queries();
echo "Number of queries: " . $num_queries;


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More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: get_num_queries()


Display the number of database queries executed on your site’s footer.

function display_query_count_footer() {
    $query_count = get_num_queries();
    echo '<p>Number of queries: ' . $query_count . '</p>';
add_action('wp_footer', 'display_query_count_footer');

Log Queries to File

Log the number of database queries executed during WordPress execution to a log file.

function log_query_count() {
    $query_count = get_num_queries();
    $log_message = 'Number of queries: ' . $query_count . PHP_EOL;
    error_log($log_message, 3, '/path/to/your/logfile.log');
add_action('shutdown', 'log_query_count');

Show Queries on Admin Dashboard

Display the number of database queries executed on the WordPress admin dashboard.

function show_query_count_dashboard() {
    $query_count = get_num_queries();
    echo '<p>Number of queries: ' . $query_count . '</p>';
add_action('admin_notices', 'show_query_count_dashboard');

Display Queries on Debug Bar

If the Debug Bar plugin is installed, add a panel to display the number of database queries.

function add_queries_panel($panels) {
    $query_count = get_num_queries();
    $panel_content = 'Number of queries: ' . $query_count;
    $panels[] = new Debug_Bar_Panel($panel_content);
    return $panels;
add_filter('debug_bar_panels', 'add_queries_panel');

Alert if Queries Exceed Threshold

Send an email alert if the number of database queries exceeds a defined threshold.

function alert_query_count() {
    $query_count = get_num_queries();
    $threshold = 100;

    if ($query_count > $threshold) {
        $to = '[email protected]';
        $subject = 'High Query Count Alert';
        $message = 'Number of queries: ' . $query_count;
        wp_mail($to, $subject, $message);
add_action('shutdown', 'alert_query_count');