Using WordPress ‘get_themes()’ PHP function

The get_themes() WordPress PHP function retrieves a list of themes with their theme data in the theme directory.


Here’s a generic example of how to use the function:

$themes = get_themes();


This function does not have any parameters.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: get_themes()


Display a list of theme names

This example retrieves all themes and displays their names:

$themes = get_themes();

foreach ($themes as $theme) {
    echo $theme['Name'] . '<br>';

Check if a specific theme is installed

This example checks if the theme ‘Twenty Twenty’ is installed:

$themes = get_themes();
$theme_name = 'Twenty Twenty';

if (array_key_exists($theme_name, $themes)) {
    echo 'Theme ' . $theme_name . ' is installed.';
} else {
    echo 'Theme ' . $theme_name . ' is not installed.';

Display the current theme’s information

This example retrieves and displays the current theme’s information:

$current_theme = wp_get_theme();
$themes = get_themes();

echo 'Current theme: ' . $current_theme->get('Name') . '<br>';
echo 'Version: ' . $current_theme->get('Version') . '<br>';
echo 'Author: ' . $current_theme->get('Author') . '<br>';
echo 'Description: ' . $current_theme->get('Description') . '<br>';

Display themes with a specific tag

This example displays all themes with the ‘responsive-layout’ tag:

$themes = get_themes();
$tag = 'responsive-layout';

foreach ($themes as $theme) {
    if (in_array($tag, $theme['Tags'])) {
        echo $theme['Name'] . '<br>';

Count the number of installed themes

This example counts and displays the total number of installed themes:

$themes = get_themes();
$count = count($themes);

echo 'Total installed themes: ' . $count;