Using WordPress ‘media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types’ PHP filter

The media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types WordPress PHP filter allows you to modify the list of allowed media types that can be embedded in the content.


add_filter('media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types', 'my_custom_media_types');

function my_custom_media_types($allowed_media_types) {
  // your custom code here
  return $allowed_media_types;


  • $allowed_media_types (string[]): An array of allowed media types. Default media types are ‘audio’, ‘video’, ‘object’, ’embed’, and ‘iframe’.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types


Adding an additional media type

Allow ‘picture’ media type in addition to the default media types.

add_filter('media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types', 'allow_picture_media_type');

function allow_picture_media_type($allowed_media_types) {
  $allowed_media_types[] = 'picture';
  return $allowed_media_types;

Disallowing ‘iframe’ media type

Remove ‘iframe’ from the list of allowed media types.

add_filter('media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types', 'disallow_iframe_media_type');

function disallow_iframe_media_type($allowed_media_types) {
  $key = array_search('iframe', $allowed_media_types);
  if ($key !== false) {
  return $allowed_media_types;

Allowing only ‘audio’ and ‘video’ media types

Restrict allowed media types to only ‘audio’ and ‘video’.

add_filter('media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types', 'only_audio_video_media_types');

function only_audio_video_media_types($allowed_media_types) {
  return array('audio', 'video');

Clearing all allowed media types

Disallow all media types from being embedded in the content.

add_filter('media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types', 'clear_all_media_types');

function clear_all_media_types($allowed_media_types) {
  return array();

Customizing allowed media types based on user role

Allow ‘iframe’ media type only for users with the ‘administrator’ role.

add_filter('media_embedded_in_content_allowed_types', 'allow_iframe_for_admins');

function allow_iframe_for_admins($allowed_media_types) {
  if (current_user_can('administrator')) {
    $allowed_media_types[] = 'iframe';
  return $allowed_media_types;