Using WordPress ‘register_importer()’ PHP function

The register_importer() WordPress PHP function registers a new importer for WordPress.


register_importer($id, $name, $description, $callback);


  • $id (string) – Required. Importer tag. Used to uniquely identify the importer.
  • $name (string) – Required. Importer name and title.
  • $description (string) – Required. Importer description.
  • $callback (callable) – Required. Callback function to run.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: register_importer()


Register a CSV Importer

Register a CSV importer that imports data from a CSV file.

function csv_importer_callback() {
  // Your CSV importer logic goes here

register_importer('csv-importer', 'CSV Importer', 'Import data from a CSV file', 'csv_importer_callback');

Register a JSON Importer

Register a JSON importer that imports data from a JSON file.

function json_importer_callback() {
  // Your JSON importer logic goes here

register_importer('json-importer', 'JSON Importer', 'Import data from a JSON file', 'json_importer_callback');

Register an XML Importer

Register an XML importer that imports data from an XML file.

function xml_importer_callback() {
  // Your XML importer logic goes here

register_importer('xml-importer', 'XML Importer', 'Import data from an XML file', 'xml_importer_callback');

Register a Markdown Importer

Register a Markdown importer that imports data from a Markdown file.

function md_importer_callback() {
  // Your Markdown importer logic goes here

register_importer('md-importer', 'Markdown Importer', 'Import data from a Markdown file', 'md_importer_callback');

Register a Custom File Format Importer

Register a custom file format importer that imports data from a custom file format.

function custom_importer_callback() {
  // Your custom importer logic goes here

register_importer('custom-importer', 'Custom Importer', 'Import data from a custom file format', 'custom_importer_callback');