WordPress – Can I delete Akismet Anti-Spam and Hello Dolly plugins?

Every new install of WordPress comes with two plugins – Akismet Anti-Spam and Hello Dolly.

They are disabled by default, but many people never use them and wonder if they can be deleted.

The short of it is – YES you can delete them. I delete them from all my WordPress installations. I see them both as bloatware.

So what do they do?

Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is an anti-spam service, the plugin creates the interface between your website and the service and requires some basic setup to get going.

Since WordPress is fundamentally (but not always) a blogging platform, public comments are common – but this also means spam … lots and lots of spam.

Akismet goes a long way towards tackling comment spam and is recommended if you allow public comments

But if you have comments disabled or you are using a third-party commenting system like Disqus you can delete the Akismet plugin.

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly is a simple plugin that demonstrates how to create a plugin. It was bundled into WordPress back in version 2.7.1 back in February 2009. 

It simply adds a line from the song “Hello, Dolly!” to the top of the wp-admin.

Why it was bundled is not clear since it doesn’t exactly serve any real practical purpose.

But by all means, delete it.

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One comment on “WordPress – Can I delete Akismet Anti-Spam and Hello Dolly plugins?

  1. Hi, Thanks for the article. What I noticed with the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin was it has a different folder permissions compared to other plugins. When I try to delete the plugin from the plugins section, I receive an error “Could not fully remove the plugin akismet/akismet.php.”. I had to go through my file browser and navigate to plugins and tried to delete, then I get another issue where rename and delete is greyed out. I was able to successfully delete the plugin by following the steps from:
    Hope this helps others who are experiencing the same problem.

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