Seven ways to speed up a WordPress site

Here’s a list of seven easy things you can do to speed up a WordPress website.

1. Remove plugins

Any plugins you have enabled are potentially slowing down your website – some times more than others.

Check your plugins page in wp-admin and remove any unnecessary plugins which you’re not using or can do without.

2. Optimize DB

If your site is more than a few months old, you should optimize your site database with a plugin like RGV optimize or Simple optimizer. These plugins will remove unnecessary junk from your site such as spam comments, post revisions etc. which will make your site database cleaner and perform better.

3. Limit post revisions

By default, WordPress keeps past revisions of posts, however most websites don’t need this.

Here’s a good article on how to disable or limit it.

4. W3 Cache plugin

This plugin which will cache your site, making page loads much faster.

5. Cloud flare

Cloud flare is a CDN network that will improvise your site performance, also – it’s free!

6. Analyse your site

Use a page speed analysis tool like Google Page Speed it will  tell you exactly how you can improve your site speed.

This can be a time consuming and technical process but in my experience always has good outcomes.

7. Consider changing host

If you’re still suffering from a sluggy WordPress site – it’s time to consider a better host or package.

Does your current host provide dedicated servers or a “faster” hosting package?

Or even look at finding a host that specialises in WordPess hosting.