hp color laser printer pro mpp m479fw

What do HP product codes mean

If you’ve worked with HP printers for long enough – you’ll notice the product codes always end with a series of letters.

For example M479fdw

But what is their purpose and what do they mean?

What is the purpose of the HP product code letters?

The product code letters are there as a quick reference for the printers functionality.

Each letter represents a feature – for example d means duplex.

What do the HP product code letters mean?

Note: these codes are for quick reference – always check the features of your specific printer.

Letter Feature
B Battery
BT Bluetooth
C Colour
D Duplex
E ePrint
F Fax
H Hard disk
i Memory card slot
MFP Multi-function printer
N Network
S Stacker OR Stapler
SK Stacker AND Stapler
T Extra tray
W Wireless
X Duplex, Extra tray and networking