Enable MAC OS Root Account

With Mac OS administrator account doesn’t have access to all areas of the file system. If this is required you will need to use the root account.
The user named “root” is a special user in UNIX-style operating systems that has read and write privileges to all areas of the file system. The root user should only be used for specific administration or monitoring tasks.
The root user in Mac OS X is disabled by default. Follow the steps in this article to enable and use it, if needed.

  1. Select the ‘Go’ menu
  2. Select ‘Utilities’
  3. Select the ‘NetInfo Manager’ application
  4. Unlock the tool by clicking on the padlock and entering the administrator username and password
  5. Select the ‘Security’ menu
  6. Select the ‘Enable Root User’
  7. Create a password for the root account.

You will now be able to log on as the ‘root’ user with the password selected.