ConfigMgr Reporting – List Computers of a Specified Model Type

The following guide will demonstrate how to create a new report using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager R3.

In this example we will be creating a report which prompts for a model type and then displays a list of all the systems that are the model type.


How to create a report using SCCM R3:

  1. With the Configuration Manager Console open,
  2. Example the ‘Computer Management’ node, then ‘Reporting’ and ‘Reports’
  3. Right click on ‘Reports’ (or your custom reporting folder)
  4. Select ‘New’ then ‘Report’
  5. SCCM-ReportSP1
  6. Under ‘Name’ enter in the desired name, e.g. List Computers of a Specified Model Type
  7. Select a category, e.g. Device Management
  8. SCCM-ReportSP2
  9. Click on the ‘Edit SQL Statement’ button
  10. Under ‘SQL statement’ enter the following code:
  11. SELECT sys.Name0 as "Computer Name", sys.User_Name0, CSYS.Model0
    FROM v_R_System sys
    JOIN v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CSYS on sys.ResourceID = CSYS.ResourceID
    WHERE CSYS.Model0 like @Model


  12. SCCM-ReportSP3
  13. Click on the ‘Prompts’ button
  14. Click on the ‘New’ button (Yellow star icon)
  15. SCCM-ReportSP4
  16. Under ‘Name’ enter Model
  17. Under ‘Prompt text’ enter Select a Model
  18. Place a tick next to ‘Provide a SQL statement’
  19. Click on the ‘Edit SQL Statement’ button
  20. Under ‘SQL statement’ enter the following code:
  21. select Model0 from v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM
  22. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes
  23. SCCM-ReportSP5
  24. Click ‘OK’ several times to save the changes and return to the ‘New Report Wizard’
  25. Click ‘Next’ then ‘Next’ again
  26. Under ‘Link type’ select ‘Link to Computer Details’
  27. SCCM-ReportSP6
  28. Click ‘Next’, ‘Next’ then ‘Close’

The run the report:

  1. Navigate to where the report was saved/created
  2. Right click on the report and select ‘Run’
  3. SCCM-ReportSP8
  4. Click on ‘Values’ and select a model from your database or enter in a model name (you can use wild cards, e.g. “HP Compaq dc7100%”)
  5. Click ‘Display’ to run the report