Install Citrix ICA Client 12 Silently

The following process has been tested and confirmed as working with the Citrix Online Plug-in (Version 12) and ConfigMgr (SCCM).

It does the following tasks:

  • Install the Citrix Online Plug-in silently
  • Includes the ICA Client and PN Agent
  • Enables the Single Sign-on feature and Kerberos, which is generally required
  • Specifies the citrix server, e.g. “Citrix” – please note, you need to use the http address.

  1. Download the latest version from
  2. Create a new package and program for the installation. Use the following command line for the program:
  3. CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe /silent ADDLOCAL="ICA_Client,PN_Agent,SSON" ENABLE_SSON="yes" ENABLE_KERBEROS=Yes SERVER_LOCATION="http://citrix"


For more information on creating SCCM packages see distribute software using SCCM.